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October 29th, 2012

Don’t you just love Daves young sluts? You know the guy that goes around looking to find the hottest sluts around to have them suck lick and fuck his cock, well that’s if they don’t find him first! Well here is one of his hot cock cracking videos he done with a young blonde babe hat couldn’t wait to have him sliding his chunky piece of meat into her warm wet oven. Now I don’t know about you but I fucking love a horny horny young slut especially when they seek out an older guy to fuck instead of the young guys! Even the MILF he throws in every now and again I wouldn’t mind fucking them either! Would you? Even this hot blonde chick gets my cock going from the very start I don’t know what it is about these girls he gets, they just know the right moves to have you going and this babe surely knows them when she takes out her breasts to show off her extra hard perfectly round nipples that you can slot in your mouth oh so easily! Any how, let me get on with the story ay!

To start this scene off, they go to his apartment where the blonde haired slut soon has her tits out showing him her perfectly round nipples that he soon gets sucking on before she wraps her slutty, well experienced mouth around his thick juicy shaft that has him moaning with joy as she bobs her head over his soft shiny bell end to get it harder and excited ready for her wet, cock thriving pussy. A few minutes later, she is then on his lap guiding his thick juicy hard dick into her wet fluffy pussy crack that makes the pair of them groan loudly with joy as her hole squelched from the juices dripping from her gaping hole before she turns around to have him admire her large penetrated pinkish red hole that’s pulsating for more and Dave being a lover of oral, he has to wrap his tongue around her clit to hear this young blonde bitch scream his name in pleasure!

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October 28th, 2012

You’ve heard about Daves young sluts haven’t you? You know, the guy who goes around helping young girls with their sexual pleasures that need seeing to? No!? well I suggest you watch this video then because you don’t know what your missing out on! Yet again you wont be disappointed as Dave only has the hottest, filthiest sluts around that love to get down and dirty on camera to have Dave fill their tight wet holes with his inches of cock meat before filling them up with creamy white hot spunk. Just like this babe in this video im sure you’ll enjoy every minute of the pussy pounding, cum slurping action that the dirty old cunt brings before your very eyes! Well I sure enjoyed it so I know you fucking will and if you don’t, then I think you better find out your sexuality because any guy I know has all said the same!

Anyway, In this scene Dave goes to see a young babe about a job she has got going at the stables so he can top up his dole money but once he sees the babe he cant help but to check out her legs and ass and not to mention her huge puppies that sat beneath her dress! Being a dirty old fucker he had to have a grope of them and strangely enough she retaliated with kissing his lips! Now where talking he thought! Before you know it the horny young slut starts the action by getting out her big knockers so he can check them out before she bends down to wrap her mouth around Dave’s thick juicy cock that makes him moan and groan with pleasure as she laps her tender tongue all around his fresh juicy cock head that drips with saliva by the end of it. After doing this, his cock was hard and ready to take on her lush pink pussy and so he slid it into her wet pink pussy crack to bang it hard making them both moan loudly with joy before she climbed on his lap to take it into her cunt even harder as she rode him vigorously. Watch on as he then fills her twat for several minutes before he shoots his hot creamy semen into her tight hole to sit back and watch her finger that cream pie!

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October 27th, 2012

Daves young sluts are back and yes he has some more young sex craving babes that love to take on Daves big thick mature cock and what could be better than someone like Dave that has had plenty of years experience with girls so he knows the right spots to touch and the right moves to use once he gets them on his cock, and it’s a fair sized cock at that!  And who knows you might get to see a MILF because Dave has been known to throw in a mature hottie to get things stirring a bit so if your in to the older woman then you can see these at the site to. Like his babe in this scene when I first watched the videos I couldn’t keep my eyes of the young babe because they are so seductively sexy it makes the whole video better and that’s saying something  because Daves videos are really hot anyway!

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October 27th, 2012

Small Titty Amateur UK Slut Lorna Loves To Fuck

October 25th, 2012

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October 24th, 2012

What is in a tit? Or shall I say tits? The thing I love about tits, boobs, jomblies or whatever you want to call them are big pink nipples. The bigger the nipples the better and if you feel the same way about big tits then you will fall into lust over the pair that hot amateur babe Sarah Jayne has. Sarah Jayne is gloriously busty and is a perfect example of what a hot U.K. amateur girl should be like.

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October 23rd, 2012

Stacey Lacey is a 18 year-old British slut that was always attracted to older men so when she met James she was instantly attracted to the salt and pepper haired gentleman with a twinkle in his eye. He also happened to get off on making amateur sex videos, which was one of Stacey Lacey’s favourite things to do. Knowing that strangers would be getting off to her in hot U.K. amateur sex made her pussy ache with desire.

Stacey Lacey and her stud made a perfect match and their lust shines on the amateur blue screen. Stacey Lacey performs a hot U.K. amateur blowjob on James, which then leads to her getting the amateur fucking of her life. Bouncing on his cock relentlessly, the sexy brunette amateur whore does her best to impress her new lover. In the end, Stacey Lacey’s lusciously shaved U.K. pussy gets covered in James’s gooey wad, which is steamy!

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October 23rd, 2012

Ahhh, the busty U.K. slut Scarlett Lovatt is at it again only this time she turns the heat on with some hot amateur blowjobs outdoors. Her man takes her out on a nice romantic stroll through the park and doesn’t realize how horny and cheeky his busty amateur slut can be. Rubbing his crotch out in public makes her lover develop a hardon that only Scarlett can address.

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Amateur UK Slut Kim

October 22nd, 2012

No Kims amateurs  is complete without having a hot amateur babe with big titties getting fucked hardcore on camera. Sure there are plenty of those you are probably thinking but those don’t have the luscious buxom Kim. The hot brunette hottie might be an unconventional type of amateur beauty but that is what the allure of amateur porn is. You don’t get cookie cutter porn stars that all look plastic and fake.

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October 21st, 2012

Naughty amateur slut Anna is at it again only this time the British whore is aching or shall I say thirsting for some hot man juice. Of course her man is all too happy to deliver to his busty U.K. whore so he puts the buxom amateur slut to work on his cock. Anna takes orders like a good whore and performs all the duties of a true tart. Sucking and slurping her man’s dick, Anna makes sure she doesn’t forget about his balls and massages and licks them as part of her amateur U.K. blowjob.

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